Catawba Area Agency on Aging (AAA) provides the following informational and education brochures. To request a copy, click below as directed.

Housing is a basic need for every person. It is important for seniors to know what their housing options are so they can make informed housing decisions as their needs change. Senior Housing Choices: A Guide for Housing in the Catawba Region , a publication including information about housing options in the Catawba region, is available. Click here to request a copy.

Medicare is an extremely complex health insurance program that evolves from year to year. It's important to understand your Medicare coverage. Medicare Information Packet , a package to help you learn the basics of Medicare is available. Click here to request a copy.

In South Carolina, all Medicare Supplement insurance is sold in ten standard benefit packages. Medicare Supplement Comparison Guide summarizes the benefits contained in each of the ten standard plans. Click here to request a copy.

Legal Issues can be complex. I have Put My House in Order is an official record book that can help you organize financial, personal,insurance and legal records. In an emergency, this book would help your agent handle your affairs. To obtain a copy of this publication, click here.

Seniors may not be aware of their rights. Elder Rights: A Guide for Seniors in the Catawba Region is a publication that can inform older adults of their rights concerning long term care, health care, advanced directives, legal and income issues. Click here to obtain a copy of this publication.

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